greater than the sum

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Synergyc is born out of necessity. The traditional method of established services providers is to fit Clients to their existing package of products. Synergyc is acutely aware that the needs of the industry are specific and do not always conform to this model. Our mantra is to provide faster and first-time right solutions by tailoring our methods to fit each client individually.


Ally with Clients by doing what is right
Be a seamless continuation of our Client in their value chain
Candidly benchmark Client’s position vs industry experience
Design bespoke, transparent solutions that work


Walk a mile in their shoes
We are greater than the sum of our parts
Do one thing, do it well
Pay it forward



Creation of Synergyc

Twin River Services has entered into agreement to acquire Dynamic Solutions...

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Creation of Synergyc

July 1st, 2020
Sofia, Bulgaria

We are delighted to announce the closure of a transaction which has been months in the making, whereby Twin River Services has entered into agreement to acquire Dynamic Solutions. This acquisition will bring about a union of like-minded services companies by combining the history, presence and reputation of Dynamic Solutions with the industry specific drive and focus of Twin River Services.

The resultant combined structure will be rebranded as Synergyc with Joseph Lazarus as CEO. Synergyc will focus on helping create the services culture of the future with an emphasis on Commodities, Oil & Gas and Energy. The day to day activities and management of both organizations will continue as they currently are. Over the course of the next few months we will firm up the go-to-market strategy and international expansion of Synergyc.

We are excited at the prospect of tapping into the potential that this new organisation will bring to the fore and establish Synergyc as a company where we are indeed greater than the sum of our parts.

Joseph Lazarus
CEO, Synergyc