A Little about us

As a regional thought-leader in consulting, digital transformation and Managed Services, we help our partners drive their digital transformation to obtain tangible and sustainable benefits.

As a result of our partnership with Kirey Group, we are able to leverage Kirey’s established portfolio of services and resources to enhance delivery capabilities ultimately benefiting our clients.

Who we are

Synergyc is born out of necessity. The traditional method of established services providers is to fit Clients to their existing package of products. Synergyc is acutely aware that the needs of the industry are specific and do not always conform to this model. Our mantra is to provide faster and first-time right solutions by tailoring our methods to fit each client individually.
We are a trusted professional services partner providing market leading, efficient, sustainable and cost-optimal near-shore strategic services solutions. Our end-to-end solutions make large companies and organizations more competitive by combining in-depth knowledge of a wide range of business sectors and innovative technologies with a fully collaborative approach. We focus on the IT Infrastructure, Technology and Finance verticals of our clients differentiating our services with superior transformation methodology and approach. We thrive on the challenges that come between IT and Finance in terms of implementation, integration and maintenance of tools, systems and services. 



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What we value

Walk a mile in their shoes

We focus on immersive partnerships using personal experiences, deep knowledge of our clients’ needs and above all the willingness to experience their reality as personally as they do. This is achieved by a collective culture of truly listening to our clients, adapting to new realities and different ways of thinking… and all this delivered with the singular focus of going beyond.

We are greater than the sum of our parts

At our core is the awareness that our propensity to succeed is limited only by the strength of our relationships. Our ability to coach inherent skills, collaborate and be a seamless part of our clients businesses helps elevate us above the rest.

Do one thing, do it well

Our philosophy is driven by the confidence in our work ethic which ensures we deliver on our commitments. This can only be achieved by having the willingness to meet challenges while being good stewards of the trust placed in us by our clients/partners knowing full well that at Synergyc we believe in ‘underpromise but overdeliver’ as opposed to the opposite.

Pay it forward

We believe in Grassroots driven contributions that do real, tangible good. As an indivisible part of the local community, we subscribe to the adage ‘to those whom much is given, much is required’ and that it is a fundamental responsibility to take someone with them on their way up.

Partnerships & Memberships

Synergyc’s action falls within a framework of strong ethical principles and compliance with the entirety of the rules governing its business. That commitment forms the bedrock of the relationship of trust between the company and its stakeholders.

Synergyc reaffirms its fundamental principles and its values in its Code of Ethics. With the support of Management, which ensures compliance with the rules as laid down, this Code applies to all Synergyc’s employees in order to guarantee the proper conduct of its activities.

At Synergyc, we believe that collectives and diversity are strengths for our Group. Our teams draw inspiration from individuals’ unique characteristics and rely on their open-mindedness to grow together. 

This is why we are committed to fighting all forms of discrimination and ensuring equal opportunity by adopting ethical practices. Promoting diversity and inclusion is at the heart of our DNA, values and culture. 

With our employees, customers and partners, we pursue a resolutely committed social policy in all Synergyc’s geographical areas.

Digital technology is at the heart of the transformation of our society. Women are under-represented in this sector. As a major player in the digital sector, Synergyc is pursuing its commitment to gender diversity.

This commitment is based on four themes: attracting more women from engineering schools, paying attention to non-discrimination in professional careers, promoting gender diversity in scientific careers and strengthening our proximity to our customers in order to promote the growing role of women in the digital sector.

Convinced of the importance of promoting social openness and thus facilitating the professional integration of young graduates, Synergyc is taking concrete action in favor of young people from priority neighborhoods for:

  •  Informing career guidance by helping young people discover our businesses right from secondary school;
  •  Accompanying and creating links by raising awareness of the business world (mentoring, sponsorship, etc.) from high school onwards;
  •  Training in digital professions by promoting the inclusion and professional reintegration of young people who are far from employment.

We take concrete action to promote professional integration by deploying innovative recruitment, job adaptation, training and awareness-raising initiatives.

Regardless of the country, Synergyc  is committed to complying with all legal provisions and local regulations and recommendations in favor of the employment of disabled people.

Our Group encourages the transmission of knowledge and skills, a major component of our policy in favor of seniors for the success of intergenerational management.

In this way, we seek to promote the professional integration of young people while keeping seniors in employment. It is also planned to continue actions to anticipate career development and inform employees concerned by end-of-career arrangements and the transition between work and retirement.

We firmly believe that digital is a source of opportunities and progress for all. Combined to a human dimension, it creates a virtuous circle benefiting society as a whole. Synergyc has chosen to be a “contributive” company for building a sustainable world where everyone has a role to play. We see our contribution as sustainable, human and guiding. 

Sustainable, as we adopt a long-term view, whether in our operations or in supporting our customers with their digital transformation. Our approach to a more sustainable world covers all our environmental, social, ethical and community commitments. 

Human, as we implement projects benefiting digital and social inclusion, and equal opportunities.

Guiding, as we anticipate and understand the challenges of digital technology, we strive to better assess their impact on our clients’ and society’s sustainability objectives and advise our clients on the best way forward. We contribute to thought leadership on the impact of digital on society with partners and think tanks. We thus help our clients to meet their own sustainability challenges.