Health & Safety Policy

The purpose of this document is to give external parties an understanding of the general policy on Health and Safety in Synergyc and the structure in place to ensure a safe and healthy working environment. This document is subject to changes where and when required without notification.

It also explains the management arrangements for carrying out the policy including the responsibilities of the managers, team leaders and employees across the company as well as while working at clients sites.

All Health and Safety Policy documents that are issued and used within the company are controlled and are available to all staff via their line manager or via an accessible company SharePoint site.

It is a mandatory requirement for all personnel to comply with group policies and the associated working procedures and practices in place.


The Health and Safety officer has ultimate and overall responsibility for Health and Safety at work. These responsibilities are delegated where required on a day to day basis to the following:

Synergyc HR Manager is responsible for:

  •  The ongoing management of the health and safety policy and for advising the company on all aspects of health, safety and environment in the workplace;
  •  Ensuring that a full Health and Safety Audit is carried out once a year and to implement any improvements considered necessary to the Health and Safety system;
  •  Investigation and Prevention of accidents, incidents and dangerous occurrences.

Synergyc Facility Manager is responsible for:

  •  Monitoring of associated procedures on a regular basis to ensure compliance with all relevant legislation and providing resources, equipment and training where appropriate;
  •  Investigation and Prevention of accidents, incidents and dangerous occurrences;
  •  Ensuring that their staff receive a company induction on their first day of work, including first aid, fire alarm and any policies and in place for their health and safety.

Line Managers and Team Leaders have a duty of care for their staff and are responsible for:

  •  Ensuring that their staff complies with all health and safety requirements on a day to day basis;
  •  Ensuring any task carrying a health and safety risk is assessed in conjunction with the company HR Manager;
  •  Reporting of accidents, incidents and dangerous occurrences.

Employees are responsible for:

  •  Ensuring they do everything practicable to prevent injury to themselves, colleagues and others affected by their actions at work;
  •  Following company health and safety procedures and any rules, which specifically apply to client sites where they may be working;
  •  Reporting of any incidents, which may have led to injury, or damage and advise their Health and Safety Committee of any danger or work hazard immediately.

All staff collectively share responsibility for ensuring the workplace is a safe and a healthy place to work. The Company encourages any initiatives undertaken by employees, which ultimately lead to improved working conditions. Initiatives should be forwarded to the department Manager for discussion with the Management team or Health and Safety Committee.

Health and Safety Committee

The Health and Safety Committee will meet on a regular basis to discuss health and safety matters affecting employees. Group matters arising can be communicated to a committee member via e-mail or in writing. 

Accidents and First Aid

  •  Accidents in the Workplace

Risk assessments are to be regularly carried out and all staff should report any unsafe conditions or practices to their Manager or to a Health and Safety Committee member.

Should an employee or visitor have an accident at work this must be reported by calling 112 as soon as possible.

  •  Accidents at Clients Sites

Accidents that occur on client’s premises are to be reported to the site responsible person for Health and Safety so that the client has a record of incident. The accident must then be reported to the Synergyc Health and Safety Committee member as soon as possible.

  •  First Aid Arrangements

Under the Health & Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1994, Synergyc will provide adequate first aid provision. The names of the trained First Aiders or appointed persons are displayed on notice boards at the work location including the location of First Aid boxes and accident books. All accidents and injuries, however minor, must be reported to and treated by a qualified First Aider or appointed person. The Health and Safety Committee member is responsible for completing the Accident Report Log and reporting any serious injuries or accidents to the employee manager and to the Health and Safety Committee. The contents of First Aid Boxes will be regularly checked by Health and Safety Committee member and replenished as required. 

Emergency Procedures

  •  Evacuation Procedure

Synergyc has an Evacuation Procedure that apply to all employees (temporary and permanent), contractors and visitors. All staff and contractors should familiarise themselves with the escape route(s) and designated assembly point and must guide to safety anyone present who may be unfamiliar with the facility e.g. visitors and new employees. Fire exits must be kept clear from obstructions at all times. When working on client sites all Synergyc employees and contractors must make themselves aware of and adhere to the client’s evacuation procedure.

The Appointed Persons/Fire Marshals are responsible for the ongoing operation of this procedure.

  •  If you discover a fire or need to evacuate the building

Any person discovering a fire or other emergency must raise the alarm by activating the nearest break glass point. This will initiate an evacuation.

  •  Upon Hearing the Fire Alarm

Upon hearing the alarm all staff must evacuate the building quickly and calmly using the nearest escape route and go directly to the allocated assembly Point. A Fire Marshal will conduct a roll call to ensure that all staff are accounted for. The Fire Marshal or Manager will take charge of any evacuation and liaise with the Fire Brigade. No-one is to re-enter the building until instructed to do so.

Evacuation training will be held during the new employee’s induction training and thereafter training and drills will be held periodically.

Please Note – Detailed Fire and Evacuation instructions are available and visible at the working place.

  •  Good Housekeeping Policy

Good housekeeping is essential for safety and efficiency. All areas must be kept tidy to minimise the possibility of accidents. Rubbish must be disposed of immediately in the bins provided. Items must be stored appropriately so they are not a potential danger to any person.

Exits must be kept free of all materials. All deliveries and stock must be put away as soon as possible.

The Health and Safety Committee will carry out periodic inspections. Employees must co-operate and carry out any actions highlighted during inspections.

  •  Hazard Spotting

All employees are required to report any situation that may be considered to be a hazard (i.e. a situation to cause harm) to a Health and Safety Committee immediately. Quarterly site safety audits are carried out with any follow up actions taken where required.

  •  Risk Assessments

Risks assessments are carried out in the company and reviewed each year. Completed assessments are recorded and where required displayed at the working areas or point of risk. Where working procedures and company layout etc are altered, further risk assessments will be carried out.

Any improvement needed as a result of risk assessment will be completed within reasonable time and is dependent on the severity of the risk. All staff involved with identifying risks are suitably trained.

Anti-Epidemic Measures

In order to help limit workplace exposure in a pandemic situation, Synergyc is putting in place stricter safety measures. 

  •  HR Department and the Reception should be notified prior to coming to the office;
  •  Touching the floor selection panels should be avoided and social distancing should be kept while waiting the elevator. All requirements of the Mall Management must be strictly followed;
  •  Sanitizer will be located in Reception and the disinfection is mandatory;
  •  Everyone entering the office should sign-in at the register located at the reception;
  •  Body temperature must be measured at the Reception. If it is >38C, Immediate Manager and the Synergyc HR Team should be informed, and the person must remain at home;
  •  If any of the symptoms appear to an employee, such as coughing, difficulties to breathe, etc., Immediate Manager and the Synergyc HR Team should be informed, and the employee must remain at home;
  •  All rules for social distancing placed in the office have to be followed;
  •  Employees have to wash their hands often and carefully according the instructions placed in the kitchen and the washrooms;
  •  The use of the mask is mandatory for going around the office (common areas, meeting rooms, restrooms, and kitchen) but can be removed while being at the desk;
  •  Laptops should be taken back each day!;
  •  Around the printer corners only 1 person at a time will be permitted.

Synergyc will strictly follow all measures adopted by the country to fight and stop the spread of any virus leading to a pandemic situation.